Well hello! I’m Laurens Primusz, and I’d love to help you out getting your music on a record.

I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember. I’ve played piano, guitar, sang and played in bands for what must at least be a decade and for quite a few years now, I’ve been bitten by the recording and producing bug. Turns out, I’ve always been bitten by the recording bug.

The recording approach I generally take varies for each ┬áband and each situation. One of my favourite ways of recording is a “live” recording (everyone in the same room), but I’m equally comfortable with “layering” a recording, overdubbing one instrument at a time, to perfection. Whatever gets us to the sound in your head is a valid approach, in my book.

There’s not just the technical mumbo-jumbo, we can also work together on the songs, vocal melodies, performance and target sound prior to the recording itself. I’m a musician myself, I’m sure we’ll understand each other. Call it band coaching, call it producing, I think it’s all part of the process. Good recordings need good songs to start with.

304365_472365482793811_1414866498_nIn the end it’s your call: wether we’re recording in a great state-of-the-art studio behind a large format mixing console or in your rehearsal room using my location recording rack, you decide what your music should sound like, and I’d be glad to help you getting it sounding like that. Even on a budget.

Get in touch, let’s make some music!


Laurens Primusz
Duffelsesteenweg 40
B-2547 LINT

+32 486 16 86 96