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Made an EP with the guys in RZMNR. Proud of the result! The good kind of gnarly and nasty stoner vibes, if you ask me.

Replace the disk of a LaCie External Harddrive

A really simple DIY thingie, no need for a soldering iron here. I did this a year ago when I had accidentally dropped a LaCie external drive and the disk started acting funky. You can replace the internal disk that’s inside the enclosure without a lot of difficulty. Actually, it’s rather easy. And if your disk’s broken anyway and basically is reduced to nothing more than a brick, why not open it up and see if you can fix it?

I didn’t think much of it until every once and a while I saw people buying these disks again when they broke. They’re not exactly cheap, so next time, try what the guy in this video does before taking out your wallet again. Just so you know.

The result: a new life for your LaCie enclosure, with the disk brand and size of your choice! Mine’s been running happily for over a year.

Stuff is on the way

It’s been an awful while since I last posted here (almost exactly a year!). Ever since becoming a father my music production output went into a steep decline. So naturally I currently focus on other – and equally fun – priorities.

Despite all that, I’ve done a fair amount of live mixing and a few live recordings (which aren’t released yet). A cool project I’m participating is also due next year (I mixed it), so expect some nifty stuff in a few months.

Mixing Psychonaut live
Mixing Starshifter Live

Nothing new on the DIY front either, although I’m planning on finishing a second Don Classics NV73. Hey, that’s not entirely true, I finally finished what’s actually a really important, often ignored, piece of gear: broadband absorbers. Made with Rockwool (a pack I got years ago as a present, this type is no longer manufactured), wood and Ikea DITTE fabric. Put together with bolts and a stapler. It’s actually really easy, I can recommend building things like this to everyone who’d like to improve their room acoustics.

Not bad, if I may say so myself 😉

Live Recordings Playlist

Made a little playlist containing only live-recordings (recording on multitrack – mixed afterwards at home). Just to give you an impression of the recording quality that’s possible with this kind of approach. Have a listen!