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Some recently recorded songs with video’s

A fun and cosy cooperation at Moonbeat Studio (Mechelen) with Ghent-based jazz pop band Louie. Support the Music Fund organization by buying “Leave It” at!

Some more Boys of Basf shenanigans we recorded at Rockstar Recordings a few months ago: Underpants!

Some more new recordings (Tessy Ray’s Bell) added to the Portfolio as well! This is a 10-song demo we recorded in their rehearsal attic. Considering the amount of time we had and the far-from-ideal acoustics, it turned out pretty fine!

2014 So far, in a nutshell

  • Mulitrack-recording of Diablo Blvd @ Graspop Metal Meeting with Panda Productions.
  • The Jazz Factor demo-recording in a cosy café in Lier. Atmospheric and live!IMG_0873
  • Boys Of BASF living room recordings turned out very nice. I must’ve heard the songs at least a billion gazillion times by now and I still think they’re funny.
  • IMG_0761
  • Some cool gear additions: Audient ASP008, Line Audio OMP and a bantam patch (= not too shabby for a mobile rack) to make the entire rack as flexible as possible
  • Live-stuff: mixing Big Band Lier, SAMWD Motown-band, Crowdwarfest, PA-rehearsal Set Things Right, Antwerp Metal Fest preselections…



Finally, found some time to finish the website for my recording activities. Feel free to stroll around and take a listen! Currently recording Psychonaut‘s sludge goodness, always on the lookout for new projects though. Get in touch to make some music!