2x Classic API VP 28 Build

Disclaimer again: I'm far from an electronics expert, merely an enthusiast starting out with DIY audio. I'm  learning along the way and want to share my findings  with other enthusiasts.

Okay, now that I succesfully finished an easier project and a GSSL – I will write about later on – I feel confident enough in my building skills to undertake one of the builds I’d been wanting to do since I considered picking up the soldering iron: the Classic API VP 28.

The available online resources, such as the extremely convenient Chunger’s Photo Build Guide on GroupDIY make building this preamp a joy. I did not experience building problems and the circuit worked right away.

The only problem I had was that the hex key sizes used on the knobs are not a size commonly used here in Europe. Seeing myself building more CAPI kits in the distant future, I ordered this hex key set from Mouser that did the job perfectly.

All geeky talk aside: when in actual use – talking about actual music recording for a change 😉 – it sounds every bit as great as it looks! I’m looking forward to try it out on as many sources as possible.