Autumn 2015 + Winter 2016

  • No new DIY builds so far. It does take quite some time and funds, and that’s pretty much what I didn’t have at my disposal the last few months.
  • Lots of Psychonaut live mixing in venues large and small all over the country. Lots of fun!
  • A visual selection of recent work where I provided the audio:

Astamorris (rec+mix)

BabyDry (mix)

Louie – Seriously (mix)

Murphy Munro (rec+mix)


Some recently recorded songs with video’s

A fun and cosy cooperation at Moonbeat Studio (Mechelen) with Ghent-based jazz pop band Louie. Support the Music Fund organization by buying “Leave It” at!

Some more Boys of Basf shenanigans we recorded at Rockstar Recordings a few months ago: Underpants!

Some more new recordings (Tessy Ray’s Bell) added to the Portfolio as well! This is a 10-song demo we recorded in their rehearsal attic. Considering the amount of time we had and the far-from-ideal acoustics, it turned out pretty fine!