Replace the disk of a LaCie External Harddrive

A really simple DIY thingie, no need for a soldering iron here. I did this a year ago when I had accidentally dropped a LaCie external drive and the disk started acting funky. You can replace the internal disk that’s inside the enclosure without a lot of difficulty. Actually, it’s rather easy. And if your disk’s broken anyway and basically is reduced to nothing more than a brick, why not open it up and see if you can fix it?

I didn’t think much of it until every once and a while I saw people buying these disks again when they broke. They’re not exactly cheap, so next time, try what the guy in this video does before taking out your wallet again. Just so you know.

The result: a new life for your LaCie enclosure, with the disk brand and size of your choice! Mine’s been running happily for over a year.