Stuff is on the way

It’s been an awful while since I last posted here (almost exactly a year!). Ever since becoming a father my music production output went into a steep decline. So naturally I currently focus on other – and equally fun – priorities.

Despite all that, I’ve done a fair amount of live mixing and a few live recordings (which aren’t released yet). A cool project I’m participating is also due next year (I mixed it), so expect some nifty stuff in a few months.

Mixing Psychonaut live
Mixing Starshifter Live

Nothing new on the DIY front either, although I’m planning on finishing a second Don Classics NV73. Hey, that’s not entirely true, I finally finished what’s actually a really important, often ignored, piece of gear: broadband absorbers. Made with Rockwool (a pack I got years ago as a present, this type is no longer manufactured), wood and Ikea DITTE fabric. Put together with bolts and a stapler. It’s actually really easy, I can recommend building things like this to everyone who’d like to improve their room acoustics.

Not bad, if I may say so myself 😉